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Loading up the U-Haul - 8/17/2019

Sarah’s move to DC and the beginning of her working life moved another step forward as we packed up all of her things.

First, we picked up a 15 foot U-Haul truck this morning in The Plains.  And back in Nelsonville, Sarah, Julie, Alice and I spent the day loading up Sara’s bedroom furniture and other personal items from Julie’s place.  We took our time and casually put her stuff into the back of the truck.  There was more than enough room for what was just over one room’s worth of items.  There was no sense of urgency to rush through the job and by mid afternoon we were finished.


As early evening arrived, Julie, Sarah and I joined the Steenrod’s at the Mace’s on Poplar St. to watch the Grande Parade of the Parade of the Hills.

Parade of the Hills

Tomorrow, the long drive in the U-Haul to Washington, DC.

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