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2.5 starsThe Grinch - 11/11/2018

This afternoon Alice, Julie, Sarah and me went to see The Grinch at Movies 10 in Nelsonville.  This animated comedy starred the voices of Benedict Cumberbatch, Cameron Seely, Rashida Jones, Kenan Thompson and Pharrell Williams.

This movie is a reimagining of the classic Grinch story and his mission to steal Christmas.  This portrayal of the Grinch is not as mean as the previous TV and film depictions.  And in the end is the most likeable of them all.

The movies has a lot of good laughs.  The animation is beautiful and the story moves right along as a good pace.  The musical number by Pentatonix is delightful and a great addition to the film.

This is a great movie for the whole family.  Go check it out.

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