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Beech Bend Park - 7/12/2016

Today I drove to Bowling Green, Kentucky to visit the small family amusement park Beech Bend Park.  The park has a friendly country fair feel to it and is adjacent to it's own campground and dragstrip.

I rode Air Race and Hubcab Alley Antique Cars as well as the park's three roller coasters; Kentucky Rumbler, Spinning Out and Wild Mouse.  The highlight of my short visit was Kentucky Rumbler.  This twisting woodie is a creation of Great Coasters International.  The track interacts with the station a total of four times.  This feature is truly one-of-a-kind.

Kentucky Rumbler

Kentucky Rumbler.

Click here to see my pictures from Beech Bend Park.

Tomorrow I'm off to Holiday World and my 200th coaster.

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