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Kentucky Kingdom - 7/11/2016

Today I made a solo trip to Kentucky Kingdom in Louisville, Kentucky.  This was my first visit to this former Six Flags park.  As an out-of-state guest I was able to get a discounted ticket and a wristband for free soft drinks.

I enjoyed most of the parks attractions including Tin Lizzies, The Giant Wheel, FearFall, and Angry Birds: The Ride, a 3D cinema attraction.  Of course the main reason for visiting the park was their roller coasters.  I was able to ride four of the five coasters; Thunder Run, Lightning Run, T3 and Storm Chaser.  The standout coaster among these was Storm Chaser.  This Rocky Mountain Construction coaster was the first time I experienced and coaster like this.  It is a wooden coaster which has been transformed in a new steel track coaster with inversions and aggressive twists and turns.  The future of hybrid coasters is here.

Kentucky Kingdom

The park seen from The Giant Wheel.



Tomorrow I move on to visit my next new park at Beech Bend Park in southern Kentucky.

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