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Worlds of Fun, Day 2 - 7/14/2015

I arrived at Worlds of Fun before the park opened.  While I was waiting, I met with Snoopy.  Once through the gate, I was off for my full day of rides, shows, coasters and food.

Me and Snoopy

I enjoyed a live musical performance at the Moulin Rouge Theater in the Europa section of the park.

The Worlds of Fun Railroad offered the additional bonus of a stop along the tracks for a shootout between some country boys and the sheriff.

Some of the other attractions I was able to ride were Le TaxiTour, Steel Hawk, Detonator and Cyclone Sams.

I ate at Chickie’s & Pete’s and tried their world famous crabfries. The sports bar overlooks Viking Voyager.

The temperatures were a little lower than yesterday, but well into the nineties.  The park has a lot of asphalt walkways and you can really feel it with these hot temperatures.

During my two days at Worlds of Fun I was able to ride six of their seven coasters.

Click here to see my pictures from Worlds of Fun.

Tomorrow, I make the drive to Minneapolis for my visit to Valleyfair.

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