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Worlds of Fun, Day 1 - 7/13/2015

Today I arrived in Kansas City to visit Worlds of Fun.  It took me two days to journey here.  I drove half of the way here yesterday and spent the night in Effingham, Illinois.  Then today I finished the drive and checked into my hotel right across the freeway from the park.

I made my way to the park by late afternoon with the temperature well into the nineties.  I set out to conquer the parkís arsenal of coasters.  I was especially interested in their three signature coasters.

Worlds of Fun

Patriot is the parkís B&M inverted coaster.  It is one of the smaller coasters of its type, but still packs a punch.  With four inversions, g-forces and airtime.  It was a lot of fun and so smooth.

The parkís newest woodie is Prowler.  This GCI coaster twists and turns itís way through the woods, while providing pops of airtime.  Full of fun and thrills.

Mamba is the tallest coaster at the park.  It stands at over 200 feet.  It reminds me very much of Magnum at Cedar Point, right down to the red and silver paint.

Click here to see my pictures from Worlds of Fun.

Tomorrow Iíll be back for a full day of fun in the park.

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