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Blog #444

Website Upgrade - 5/13/2012

This afternoon I uploaded the latest version of jameswhitmore.net.

The new changes are meant to make the content appear cleaner and organized better.  The side menu bar has been streamlined and moved to the top of the page just below the title banner to allow the main body to be larger and entire page to be more symmetrical.  My main focus was improving the look of the photo album thumbnail pages.  I wanted the page to wider to allow more thumbnails on each line.  The old site had three thumbnails per line.  I began creating a version that held seven per line.  But that was almost visual overkill and made the other pages barren with acres of white space.  So I settled on a happy medium of five thumbnails per line and this became the basis of all the new revisions.  Eliminating the side menu bar and widening the page from 750 to 818 pixels also achieved my second goal of a wider page to allow the homepage and blog pages to show content more clearly and with less clutter.  The Entertainment, Video Games and My Politics pages have each been removed, as those pages were underutilized.

I have been thinking about revising the site for over a year.  The changes I wanted to make weren't huge in nature but more just tweaks that I felt would make the pages appear better.  With small improvements in mind I wondered if it would be worth all the effort.  With over 400 blog pages and 150 photo albums even the smallest change would require the new code to be inserted in each one of those pages and then tested.

For some unknown reason I started making the new version during March, right in the middle of tax season.  During the past two month the number of new blogs and photos albums has slowed to a crawl.  But now I can get back to keeping the new content fresh.

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