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2.5 starsThor - 5/14/2011

This evening Matt and I went to Movies 10 to see Thor.  This superhero movie starred Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman.

Although it's a superhero movie, it's not about Thor putting the smackdown on the bad guys.  It's the story of how the arrogant warrior Thor is cast down to Earth.

Hemsworth is perfect for the part.  And it never hurts to see a great body and a rather perfect chest on big screen.

Portman is great.  She is always a delight to watch.  It's good to see her take on a variety of roles.

My biggest question about this file is, how are the filmmakers going to integrate Thor into the future Avenger movies.  After all he's a god, not just a man with high-tech toys or special abilities.  All the other superheros can retire and let this god do all the work.

Go check it out.  This is a pretty good movie.

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