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Kings Island's Halloween Haunt, Day #2 - 10/2/2010

Matt and I started our second day of Halloween Haunt at Kings Island at noon when the gates opened.  The afternoon was filled with thrill rides wide we waited for the haunts to opening at seven o'clock.

We hit the usual suspects; Delirium, Diamondback, Firehawk, Flight of Fear, Flight Deck, Adventure Express and Racer.  There was a very light rain during the afternoon.  Just as we got to the front of the line for Vortex, the phone rang on the station platform.  That's usually not a good sign.  The call was telling the crew to drop the coaster down to one train operation because of the rain.  First we had to wait for a guy from the maintenance department to arrive to operate the transfer tracks and more the two other trains off.  Although it was interesting to see the whole procedure (in a coaster-geek find of way), the delay was at least fifteen minutes.  Then the crew still had to run the one remaining train empty for one lap for testing.  Matt and I also had the special treat of getting to dry the seats with our clothes, as we were the first to sit in the wet train.

The lines for all the major rides were really starting to get long after the afternoon went on.  We got in line for Beast.  The line seemed to be moving very slowly.  I began to watch the trains leaving the station and soon realized that they were only running one train as well.  I couldn't believe that even on the world's longest wooden coaster they would only be running a single train.  After an over an hour in line we were very close to boarding when I heard the phone ring on the station platform.  Great, more bad news.  The crew announced that they were putting the other trains back on and going to a three-train operation.  The bad news was, it would take fifteen minutes to do so.  I do have to say that once onboard Beast delivered a great ride.  I especially noticed the second half of the coaster was the best I've experienced in years on this ride.

We were in line for Carn Evil just when it opened at seven.  It was the first haunt I've seen with fluorescent paint and "3D" glasses.  By being an indoor attraction was a very different feel than Cedar Point's outdoor cast of clowns and freaks.  We also got to play the role of quality control as an employee with a stopwatch followed us through the haunt.

At eight we were right in line for Tombstone Terror-tory that began with a short ride back into the woods aboard the railroad.  The story was explained over the train's loud speakers, but I wasn't able to hear most of it.

We checked out the line for the remaining two haunts that we hadn't yet been to.  The lines for each of them appeared to be well over an hour each.  That is when we decided it was time to head home.

We had great two days at Halloween Haunt.

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