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Blog #321

Kings Island's Halloween Haunt, Day #1 - 10/1/2010

My friend Matt and I went to Kings Island for Halloween Haunt.  This was the first time either of us had been to the park for their Halloween events.

We waited in the lines outside the park gates with a large crowd of guests.  At seven o'clock the solid metal doors rolled open and the screamsters came running out into the crowd through a haze of fog.  The ghouls picked their victims well.  Of course, people couldn't really run way because they would lose their place in line.

Once we were inside the gates we rode several rides and visited the haunts.  Our first ride was Diamondback.  I could tell that Matt was a little scared.  I don't think there was enough stuff for Matt to hold onto.

The main purpose of our trip was to experience the haunts.  Tonight we were able to get through eight of the twelve sites.  Death Row was a disappointment.  It was a maze with a blinding strobe light and blasting music.  The screamsters didn't do a thing.  There was nothing frightening about it.  The rest of the haunts were good.  I especially like Trail of Terror.  It was great fun hidden in the deep woods behind Firehawk.  I did think it was a little gay when one of the guys kept staying he wanted to eat me.  Club Blood had a different vibe than the one at Cedar Point.  We thought it was a little gay when one of the guys in the club was hitting on Matt and not in a I want to kill you kind of way, but a let's hook up way.  And the new haunt this year at the park was Wolf Pack, or as I would call it, "Team Jacob".  I thought it was a little gay when I saw a bunch of hot shirtless guys playing in the woods.  And I also thought it was a little gay when I saw the sign on the front of Slaughter House that read "Handmade Sausages".

The park was so full of fog that at time we were not able to see the floodlights on the top of the Eiffel Tower.  We decided to take a ride on Drop Tower so we could see what the park and fog looked like from high above while.  The fog cleared as we climbed to around fifty feet.  But the view was pretty cool looking down at the park with the lights glowing beneath the fog.  At one point we were one train away from riding Vortex when the ride shut down.  So we'll have to come back tomorrow for another try.  Also tomorrow we'll try to get to the remaining four haunts.  It's great that the park is open until 1:00am.

We had a frightfully great time.  We'll be back again tomorrow for more rides and haunts.

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