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Blog #298

Dirt Track Racing - 7/3/2010

Tonight J.R., Tommy, Colton, Dad and I went to Muskingum County Speedway north of Zanesville.  It was the “Budweiser 50” and part of the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series.

We watched qualifying and the heats.  Then the track was watered down.  We saw two firemen sliding down the track in their boots.   A short time later and man and woman started down the banking.  The woman in flip-flops quickly landed on her ass and the crowd roared.  She managed to get back on her feet and began running down the banking this time.  Once she reached the dry infield she fall and landed on her face.  The crowd cheered again.  The PA announcer gave her a '10'.

Before the feature race the track let of their fireworks display.  The evening events were moving along so quickly that is was still not completely dark.  But the fireworks were still a good show.

The feature was a quick 50 laps, with only one caution.  We were all rooting for Bart Hartman, the local guy.  Hartman in his yellow #75 finished 6th.  While Earl Pearson, Jr. #44 took home the $10,000 for first place, followed by Ray Cook #53 and Scott Bloomquist #0.  Cook won the prior two nights at Beckley, WV and Midway Speedway near Crooksville winning $10,000 in each race.

In addition the great racing we had some beer and great track food.  Pizza, hot dogs and huge pork tenderloin sandwiches.

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