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2.0 starsThe Crazies - 2/28/2010

This evening my friend Alex and I went to Movies 10 to see The Crazies.  The film starred... well, no one I know.

Truthfully I had low expectations for this movie.  Although I did find the government conspiracy aspect of the story I saw in the trailers mildly intriguing.  I honestly thought this would be a low budget gore film with a town full of zombies trying to kill each other in more and more bloody ways with a big brother cover-up thrown in as an afterthought.

Actually, the film introduced the watchful eye of the government at the very opening of the movie.  The story developed quickly and moved along nicely.  I was pleasantly surprised how much of the movie involved the government conspiracy and relied less on splatter.   Sure, there were plenty of creepy and suspenseful scenes and gallons of blood.  There was also good action and some funny parts too.

The Crazies is a surprisingly good movie.  Check it out.

Explain this to me.  Why would you walk the roads during the day and then venture off into seemingly endless cornfields at night?

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