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Blog #252

2.0 starsCop Out - 3/2/2010

Tonight Derek and I went to Movies 10 to see Cop Out starring Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan.  With Kevin Pollak, Adam Brody, Jason Lee and Seann William Scott.

Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan play NYPD cops in Brooklyn.  The pair find themselves searching for Willis' stolen baseball card that he needs to pay for his daughter's wedding.  The card ends up falling into the hands of gangsters.

The comedy is a throwback to "Beverly Hills Cop" and "Lethal Weapon" but doesn't seem cliché.  The story is more involved and more complex then I had anticipated.  Tracy Morgan puts on a thousand faces and Bruce Willis ties to keep a straight face.  There is one "Die Hard" inside joke that I just loved.

Lots of laughs.  And lots of fun.

Check it out.  Cop Out is a good movie.

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