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Blog #128

IKEA - 11/1/2008

Sarah and I continued our weekend in the Cincinnati area with a trip to IKEA.  This new store opened this past March in West Chester, just north of Cincinnati.

It's been well over two years since I was last at an IKEA.  All of my previous visits were at their store near Pittsburgh.  Sarah didn't want to go.  She was whining about it.  But once she was inside the store she freaking loved it.  They just have the coolest stuff.

I was only planning on buying a set of legs for my couch and chair ($15 per set).  By the time we left I managed to have spent $200 more on a set of kitchen chairs.  But they are fucking cool at hell.

I saw a lot of gay guys there too.  I haven't seen that many gay guys in one place since I was at a gay bar.

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