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Two New Coasters at Kings Dominion - 5/20/2022

Yesterday I made the drive to Maryland and spent the evening visiting with Sarah.  Today while she worked, I took a drive to Kings Dominion.  This was my first visit to the park without Sarah.

The park has added two new roller coasters to its lineup since my last visit.  The newest is Tumbili, which made its public debut just over a month ago.  I arrived at the park just as it opened, and I walked directly to the new coaster to beat the crowds.  But once I found the queue, there were no guests around.  I wondered if the ride was closed.  It was indeed open, and I was the first rider of the day and I got a lap all to myself.


The coaster is a 4D Free Spin model manufactured by S&S Sansei.  This was the first time that I have ever experienced a coaster built like this.  I think the 4D aspect of the description is dubious, as the coaster has no left or right turns.  Each lap on this ride is unique, as the seats rotate and tumble freely.  And it feels more like a thrill ride than a roller coaster.


The ride is built on the site formerly occupied by The Crypt.  The theming of the ride and the surrounding area is first class.  This area of the park has been renamed Jungle X-Pedition.  Two adjacent rides have been renamed, repainted and rethemed.  Scramblers is now Arachnidia and Avalanche has become Reptilian.  This area of the park is truly an immersive experience.

My next coaster was across the park in Candy Apple Grove.  This is another area of the park that has been rethemed since my last visit.  Rebel Yell is now Racer 75.  But I made my way past it and onto Twisted Timbers.  The former Hurler wooden coaster built by International Coasters is now an RMC hybrid.  Twisted Timbers features three inversions and lots of twists and turns.  The back stretch has three back-to-back hills full of hard ejector airtime.  There is great theming built around the idea that the ride takes place in the fictional Hanover Hill Orchard, a rustic apple orchard named after Hanover County, Virginia, where The park is located.  A mysterious force has frozen the orchards and the area in the 1950s.

Twisted Timbers

Twisted Timbers

Throughout the day I spent my time enjoying the scenery and theming around the park, particularly in Jungle X-Pedition and Candy Apple Grove.  I also rode Dominator, Racer 75, Apple Zapple, Grizzly, Backlot Stunt Coaster and Intimidator 305.  I ate at The Jungle Market Eatery and the food was great.  A real improvement from my previous visits.

Late in the afternoon I decided it was time for me to finish my day at Kings Dominion and drive back to Sarah's.  I had a great day at the much improved park and I can't wait to see what they plan to do with the former site of Volcano: The Blast Coaster.

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