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Blog #102

Roseland - 7/20/2008

After a long dive from Cedar Point I spent three days at Roseland Campground in West Virginia.  Including a twenty-mile drive up the mountains.  It is a beautiful private gay resort high on a mountain ridge in the northern panhandle of the state.

I stayed with my bowling partner Rob and his partner Dwayne. We had a great campsite at the top of the ridge with a great view of all the surrounding mountains.   There were clear skies, high temperatures and a little breeze.  The nights were cool.  Perfect weather all weekend long.

I met some great guys and had lots of fun.  I've spent more time in the swimming pool this weekend then I have all summer.  They have a great pool with a waterfall.  Just be careful not to get shocked by the electricity.

There was a dance each night.  Friday night I especially danced my ass off.  I'm sure the Bud Light helped.

Now I have to start planning a return trip to the campground.

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