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Blog #101

Cedar Point (again) - 7/18/2008

Yesterday and today I treated myself to a trip to Cedar Point.  I spent my time doing the things I wanted and riding the rides I wanted.

I spent most of my time riding my favorite coaster, Millennium Force.  I even spent extra time to wait for the front row.  In fact, I wanted to the front row on several coasters, including Corkscrew, Mean Streak and Top Thrill Dragster.  Being a single rider I was able to meet and talk with other people, including a man that has ridden Millennium Force over five hundred times.

I ate my favorite frozen custard with fresh fruit.  Yummy.  But I still haven't figured out exactly what frozen custard is.

For the first time in many years I took in a show at Cedar Point.  I saw the Hot Summer Lights - Fire Up The Night fireworks, lights, music, video and FireWater show on the Iron Dragon Midway.  It's a great show.  Now I have the urge to come back to get back to the Point and see some of their other shows.

Unfortunately, Thursday night's exclusive ride time on Millennium Force was cancelled due to a mechanical problem.  I don't understand why they don't have a second coaster on stand-by for times like these.     

It was another great trip full of fun and roller coasters.  Now for the long drive to Roseland Campground in West Virginia.

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