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2.5 starsJumper - 2/16/2008

Tonight Sarah and I saw Jumper at Movies 10 in Nelsonville.  Hayden Christensen and Samuel L. Jackson star in this action Sci-Fi action adventure.

Scenes include Tokyo, Rome, New York, Egypt, Dubai and even Ann Arbor, Michigan.  It must have been great fun traveling and filming around the world.

Hayden and Samuel must like working with each other.  This is at least the third time they have appeared on film together.  Both actors gave better performances in this film then they had in the Star Wars films.  I have also seen Natalie Portman give much better performances then she gave in all three of her appearances in the Star Wars prequels.  I guess this goes to show than George Lucas is better at working with special effect than he is with actors.

Jumper was a good movie.  Good, but not great.  Good story.  Very good action.  Great visuals from all around the world mixed with great special effects.  And like so many movies these days, an ending that says, "sequel".

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