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Blog #56

In the dark - 2/11/2008

Yesterday afternoon electricity was knocked out all over the greater Buchtel metroplex area.  Sarah and I worked on some scrapbook stuff together while the power was out.  At 6 o'clock I took Sarah back to her mom's house and I headed to Walmart in Athens to kill some time.  I was hoping the power would be back on when I returned home.  No such luck.  I went next door to dad's house to see what was going on.  Leah told me that dad was all freaked out because I wasn't home to... well I don't know why he expected me to be home just because the power was off.  What was I going to do about it?  I turned the water on a bit so the pipes wouldn't freeze.  And dad loaned me a kerosene heater to help keep the house a little warmer.  That's about all I can do.

I ended up having to spend the night at dad's house.  Tommy and his family crashed there too.  I couldn't sleep at all.  I was on a couch that was too short for me.  But then again, all couches are too short for me.  And it smelled like dog too.  Speaking of dog... Holly was completely in another room and I could hear her snoring.  Tommy and Colton were sleeping in the living room too, on an air mattress.  Tommy was snoring and Colton was wheezing.  All I could do was lie there and think, "Oh My God, I'm so glad I'm single".

The power finally came back on just after midnight.  I thought about sneaking out and going back to my place, but I figured that it would be a while for my place to warm back up.  After all, the temperature was in the single digits.  So I toughed it out until 7am.

Fun times.

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