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Pictures #121

Washington, DC - 7/23-25/2010

Some miscellaneous pictures from our trip to our nation's capital.

Blog entry: Washington, DC and Miles of Walking - 7/23/2010

Blog entry: More Washington, DC and More Walking - 7/24/2010

Blog entry: Our Final Day in Washington, DC - 7/25/2010

Sarah Sarah, Jenny & Crissy Metro Station Sarah & Jake Metro train
Sarah Sarah & Jake Sarah & Me Metro train Derek, Me, Jake, Sarah & Crissy
Metro Station Jenny, Derek, Crissy & Jake Sarah, Jake & Jenny Jake & Jenny Derek
Me Jake & Crissy Me & Jake Derek, Jake, Jenny & Sarah DC Cops
Crissy Sign at McDonalds Bench Kennedy Center Kennedy Center
Sign Eisenhower Building Washington Masonic Memorial Washington Masonic Memorial Eisenhower Building
Me First Division Monument Moon over the Potomac Sarah Me & Sarah
Crissy & Derek Jenny & Jake Derek & Me

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