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Ohio Route 555 - 5/23/2020

I’ve been trying to find an activity to get me out of the house during this pandemic while still practicing social distancing.  So today I headed out on a small adventure that would not even require me to get out of the car. I decided to drive the entire length of St. Rt. 555.

The southern end of the route begins near Little Hocking, and heads north to the south side of Zanesville.  I left the house at about 11am and headed towards Little Hocking.

Ohio Route 555

The road passes through farmland woods and travels along many hilltop ridges and a handful of tiny towns you have never heard of.

Ohio Route 555

The section between Chester Hill and Ringgold had the most twists and turns.

Along the way I found several spots where it appeared that people had been having some fun.

Ohio Route 555

Just south of Zanesville I found this appropriately named roadside bar.

Ohio Route 555

555 is just over 62 miles long, and I was able to complete the drive in about an hour and a half.  It had been perfect weather for an early afternoon drive, partly cloudy with the temperatures in the mid 70s.

I was back at the house before 3 PM. Now I need to start thinking of my next road trip adventure.

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