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Ohio University at Pittsburgh - 9/7/2019

I spent this week visiting Shawn in Pittsburgh and also attended the football game between the traveling Ohio University Bobcats and the University of Pittsburgh Panthers.

With the start of the game at 11:00am, this was the earliest kickoff of any college game I’ve attended.  Shawn and I made our way to our seats high in the north end zone grandstands.  The stadium was far below half full and it really felt like we were in no man's land.


Marching 110

The OU Marching 110 was seated near the opposite end zone.  I sent Sarah a short snapchat video of the stadium zooming in on the 110.  A few moments later Sarah sent me a similar snap zooming in on the section of the stadium where I was sitting.  At first I thought that she had one of her friends in or around the band make the video.  I took out my good camera and zoomed in on the around surrounding the 110.  And there I saw Sarah sitting with her friends right next to the Marching 110.

Sarah and friends

I told Shawn that we should move down there and sit with Sarah and the band.  So we did.  What a great surprise seeing Sarah unannounced.  I think she may have learned these little stunts from me.

Marching 110

Marching 110


The Bobcats were defeated by the Panthers with a score of 20-10.

Me and Sarah

Click here to see my photos from the Ohio University at Pittsburgh game.

Sarah told me that she arrived in Pitt early this morning on an red-eye bus from DC.  It was great seeing here again and watching the Bobcats together.

After the game, Sarah and her friends spent the afternoon hanging out with each other, before Sarah headed back to DC on an overnight bus.  While Shawn and I joined Nick and friends for an evening of board games, food and drinks.

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