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OU Graduation - 5/4/2019

Sarah’s four-year collegiate journey has culminated with today’s commencement ceremony.  The day’s first event was a gathering for students and family of the Scripps College of Communication held at the Ping Recreation Center.

Maddie Schroeder and Sarah

Maddie Schroeder and Sarah.

Friends and family attended the commencement held in the Convocation Center.  In the thousands of graduates it was hard to find our Sarah.

OU Convocation Center



There she is.

Eventually Sarah made her way through the line of graduates to have her name read and received her diploma.


After the commencement ceremony we gathered outside for a few photos.

Julie, Sarah and Me

Click here to see my photos from the Ohio University Commencement.

And then this evening we joined together at Los Mariachis in Nelsonville to celebrate Sarah’s great achievement.  Food, drinks and laughs for all of us.


I’m so very, very proud of my Sarah.

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