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Cedar Point with Sarah - 5/15/2018

Today was my chance to take Sarah to Cedar Point and experience Steel Vengeance for herself.

Steel Vengeance

We headed to Frontier Town as soon as we entered the park.  At 11:30am the wait time was an hour and a half.  This wasn’t to be unexpected, as they were running one train operations.  Once on the platform Sarah’s friend Joe, from Ohio University, put us in line for the back row of the coaster.  Just as we were the next in line to ride, the coaster became stuck on the final break run.

Steel Vengeance and Joe

The stuck train and Joe.

It was quite a little wait while the maintenance guys showed up and them the head of ride operations.  In the end they simply pushed the train forward using brute force.

The ride itself was once again crazy, wide fun.  Twists and turns too fast to anticipate.  It truly is the wildest coaster anyplace.

Sarah and Me

Sarah and I on Tilt-A-Whirl.

Sarah and I had a great time at the point and enjoyed our day together.

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