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Arriving in London - 4/27/2018

We landed in London at 11:20am.  The Heathrow Airport is truly massive.  There was a very long wait getting through customs, but we were officially in the UK.

UK Border

Click here to see pictures of our flight to London, England.

The next leg of our journey was to get to our hotel in central London.  We rode the Piccadilly line from Heathrow to Russell Square.

Tube Station

It was a simple walk around the block from the tube station to the Holiday Inn Bloomsbury.  We checked in at the front desk and began to make our way to our rooms. As we waited for the elevator I heard footsteps running towards me... someone hugged me from behind, it was Sarah.  We packed our gear in our hotel rooms and began our tour of London with Sarah as our guide.

Union Jack

We walked through the London neighborhoods and made our way across the Waterloo Bridge over the River Thames.  Our first scheduled event was Jake’s idea and was planned months ago.  It was opening day for Avengers: Infinity War. We saw the film at the Odeon BFI IMAX theater which featured the biggest movie screen in Britain.  It was quite festive atmosphere.  There was movie memorabilia, people in costume and the theater’s manager dressed as The Hulk spoke before the film began.


Jenny, Jake and Sarah


After the film we made our way across the river again and ventured through Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square and Chinatown.

Sarah in Chinatown

We had our evening meal at Rising Sun on Tottenham Court Road where I had Fish and Chips, Peas and a pint of beer.

Fish and Chips

This victorian corner pub with dark wood and high ceilings was the perfect place to welcome us to London.  The quintessential English pub.

Click here to see various pictures from around London.

We were off to a great start on our tour of London.  Tomorrow Sarah will take us to see even more of the sites of the city.

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