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OU vs Central Michigan, Homecoming and 50 Years of the 110 - 10/7/2017

This afternoon was the Homecoming game for Ohio University football.  The Bobcats took on the Central Michigan Chippewas.

I was excited to see Sarah performing with the OU 110 for the pregame and halftime shows.  For many in the crowd the highlight of the day was the halftime performance celebrating 50 years of the Marching 110.  The former directors of the 110 returned as well as over 1,000 former members played in the alumni band.

Marching 110


Marching 110

Celebrating 50 years of the 110.

110 and Alumni

The Marching 110 and Alumni Band.

Dr. Suk

The director of the Marching 110, Dr. Rickard Suk.

The Bobcats fell to the Chippewas 26-23.

During the postgame performance the original director of the Marching 110, Gene Thrailkill, directed the band for the playing of Stand Up and Cheer.

Gene Thrailkill

The first director of the Marching 110, Gene Thrailkill.


110 and Alumni

I could see on Sarah’s face that she was so excited to play along with the alumni.  And after the game she said, “Having Thailkill conduct really highlighted just how young the Marching 110 is. Performing with a record number of current and former members was really unifying and to have the person that created that unity in the first place was indescribable.”

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