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Bourbon Street - 8/22/2017

We arrived in New Orleans in the early evening.  As we drove through the narrow streets of the French Quarter towards our hotel we were greeted by a Mardi Gras band right next to my car as we crossed Bourbon Street.  It was like we had our own personal greeting party.

Mississippi River

The view of the Mississippi River from our hotel room.

Once the sun began to set, Shawn and I headed out to Bourbon Street to soak in the sights and sounds of the French Quarter and maybe a drink or two.

Bourbon Street

There were plenty of people, food, drinks and music to take in.  As we walked past one of the clubs, a gentleman at the door invited us in to see the showgirls.  I said, “Sorry, I’m gay”.  And he quickly replied, "You're not gay, you don't dress good enough."

Tomorrow, more adventures in New Orleans.

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