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Palace and Gardens of Versailles - 5/6/2016

We started our day with breakfast at the hotel before departing on the tour buses at 10:00am for the half hour drive to the Palace of Versailles.

As we drove to Versailles our tour guide told us about the palace and the gardens.  But she also offered us her own personal tour of the gardens once we arrived.

We departed the buses and began our visit outside the gates of the Palace of Versailles.

Palace of Versailles

Jenny and I, along with some of the others in our group followed the tour guide past the palace towards the Gardens of Versailles.  Our view from the palace towards the Grand Canal was awe inspiring.

Gardens of Versailles

The tour guide showed us highlights along the southern portion of the gardens.  The palace grounds are so massive that exploring just a fraction of it covered a lot of ground.  We spent over an hour with her as she introduced us to several gardens, statues and fountains.

Gardens of Versailles

On our own, Jenny and I walked along the central corridor of the grounds, called the Green Carpet, to the Apollo Fountain.

Me and Jenny

After a failed attempt of a half an hour trying to be served lunch, Jenny and I decided to just go hungry.  We went our separate ways.  Jenny decided to head back to the palace and tour the interiors.  While I was enjoying the gardens so much, I wanted to explore them even further.

The Grand Canal is a cross-shaped body of water that collects the water from the gardens and fountains to be recycled.  Along the cancel I watched french families picnic and children playing.  On the cancel itself were numerous row boats with couples and families enjoying the beautiful day.  I walked to the intersection of the arms of the canal.  The view from here was amazing.

Grand Canal

From here, is was nearly a mile back to the palace.

Palace of Versailles

I continued to randomly walk the gardens, not knowing what statue or fountain I might discover around the next turn.  My only guide was the general sense of direction to take me towards the palace.

Gardens of Versailles

Near the palace is Latona Fountain which depicts Latona with her children, Apollo and Diana.  The lower tiers of the fountain had frogs, turtles and alligators.

Latona Fountain

I spent time casually exploring the outside the Palace of Versailles and its statues, pools and architecture.

Palace of Versailles

I had spend two hours on my own exploring the gardens and fountains of Versailles.  Beautiful clear blue skies and perfect temperatures.  One of the most enjoyable and relaxing times I’ve ever had.

In all, we had been able to tour Versailles for over four and a half hours.  And finally we had gathered at the palace gates to bid farewell.

Palace of Versailles

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The buses departed the palace grounds around four o’clock for the drive back to our hotel.  This evening Kouree, Jenny, Sarah and I ate pizza at the sidewalk restaurant, Madrissio on the corner near our hotel.

Sarah, Me, Kouree and Jenny

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Tomorrow is our excursion to London, England.

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