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3.5 starsGravity - 10/6/2013

Tonight Sarah and I went to see Gravity at AMC Easton Town Center 30 in Columbus.  This action drama movie starred Sandra Bullock and George Clooney.

This is a visual masterpiece that tells the story of two astronauts that work to survive in space and return to the ground after a disaster occurs during their space mission.  Bullock plays her role superbly.  She may get an Oscar nomination.

The story is very good. And there is plenty of action.  The characters work through problem after problem.  The ebb and flow of the movie is good while maintaining tension.  The movie never drags.  In fact, the movie is only 91 minutes long.

The film begins with an epic 13-minute continuous shot.  The visuals are both unreal and completely realistic.  The photo-realism is totally believable.  This film must truly be seen in IMAX-3D to fully appreciate the stunning visuals, breath-taking panoramas and beautiful vistas.  The 3D effects are impressive both on the large and small scales.  Three words, one single teardrop.

This is a great experience.  Go check it out.

Be sure to see it in IMAX-3D.

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