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Blog #464

Power Restored - 7/6/2012

This evening AEP (Amish Electric Power) was finally able to get the power back on at the house.  It was seven days, almost to the exact hour, that the power was restored.

If I had known the outage would last as long as it did, I would have gone on a week's vacation.  Sarah spent most of this week at Julie's where there was electricity.

The biggest challenge this week was getting a hot shower.  The first two nights were fairly easy.  I would turn on only the hot water which turned out to be quite comfortable.  And I showered as quickly as possible to save the warm water for the next night.  The third night the water had cooled enough to make the showers uncomfortably cold.  It became a battle of mind over matter.  Once I thought of the water as feeling like that when you first get into a swimming pool made showering tolerable.

This past week has been quite a memorable adventure.  I sure am glad the electricity is back on.

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