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2.0 starsStar Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace 3D - 2/11/2012

This afternoon Sarah and I went to Movies 10 in Nelsonville to see Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace 3D.  This re-released modern classic starred Liam Neeson, Ewan McGregor and Natalie Portman.

This it the first of the Star Wards films to be release in 3D.  I was anxious to see what a 2D film looks like after it is processed into 3D.  Well, I can honestly saw that I cannot see the difference.  This movie looks like it was originally shot with 3D cameras.

The last Star Wars film was released in 2005.  There had been plenty of time to rewatch all six episodes again and again.  But Episode I is the one that I have seen the lease.  Now that I have seen it again, I can see why.  This is the worst of the six films and is just good or OK in it's own right.

The new 3D versions of the films will be released one at a time each year from now until Episode 6 is released in 2017.  That means we'll have to wait until 2015 to see the first of the good episodes; Episode IV - A New Hope.

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