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Athens Block Party - 10/29/2011

Tonight i drove to Athens do check out the annual Block Party.

I spent over an hour walking around Court St. and Union St. checking out the costumed revelers.  A couple of my favorites were Spy vs Spy, a large group of Angry Birds that would run down the street and yell "weeeeeeee", Zack Galifianakis from the Hangover complete with baby on his chest, Japan earthquake cleanup workers and a very good Pee Wee Herman.  But there were too many pirates and Johnny Deep Mad Hatters.  Of course, each year I can constantly amazed by the number of people who dress in skimpy outfits on such a cold fall night.  Shirtless firefighters, french maids, nurses, guys wearing nothing but swimming trunks or ever just a pair of underwear.

The crowd was energetic and having fun, but it didn't seem out of control at all.  In fact, it seemed quite calm.

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