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Canceled Netflix - 10/5/2011

Today I canceled my Netflix subscription.

No Netflix

About a month ago Netflix annouced that their DVD by mail service and their online streaming service would be split into two separate services with two separate billing charges at full price for each service.  This basiclly amounted to a 60% price increase.  I decided at that time to cancel netflix altogether.  I then read their cancellation policy and found out that cancellation is instant and partial months are not prorated.  So I waited until today to cancel, as I am nearing the end of my monthly billing cycle with them.

When I canceled my account online, Netflix asked why I ended my subscription.  There were about a dozen choices to select from.  Most of which involved the speed and quality of their services.  The only one that involved cost was, "I need to cut costs".  It's not that I need to cut costs, it's that they are totally screwing us with their new price model.

Whatever. Hulu Plus, here I come.

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