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Blog #353

2.0 starsThe Green Hornet - 2/1/2011

I met Jenny at Movies 10 tonight to watch The Green Hornet.  This superhero movie starred Seth Rogen, Jay Chou and Cameron Diaz.

I wasn't sure how Seth Rogan was going to pull off being a superhero.  Well, guess what... he doesn't.  He's just a guy with a mask that fights crime.  His buddy builds him some gizmos and a kick-ass car.  And the two of them destroy a lot of property along the way.

Does every Seth Rogen film have to have him being a self-centered childish asshole?  Does he always have to end up saying 'OK, I get it'.  'I'm an idiot'.  'You were right all along'.  During the ending credits I found the answer.  Rogen was one of the writers and executive producers.

This movie was OK.  Maybe even good.

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