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Tax Season Reward (Second Try) - 5/16/2010

Today I opened the box to my new digital camera.  It is my second attempt at a gift for myself for making it through Tax Season.

Sony DSC-HX1

After my disappointment with my first choice of camera and having to ship it back, I wasn't in the mood to research any camera.  I kept putting it off.  There's just so many models, so many brands, too many features to compare and looking for the best price.

About a week ago I received an email from Jenny, which showed me a Sony camera.  She said she could get it for me at a good price through her connections at Sony.  Once I confirmed it had the manual shutter and aperture features I was ready to fork over my cash.  We placed the order Wednesday night and it arrived later yesterday afternoon while I was at Cedar Point.  (Wow, Saturday delivery).  It's here now and I'm liking it.

My first impression is that this one will be a keeper.

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