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3.5 starsShutter Island - 2/23/2010

Tonight I went with Jenny, Crissy, Amy and Shelly to see Shutter Island at Movies 10.  This thriller, from director Martin Scorsese, stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Ben Kingsley.

The story takes place on a remote island, where a murderess has escaped from a mental institution for the criminally insane.  As DiCaprio investigates the disappearance he begins to suspect there is more to this hospital than meets the eye.

The movie is not the scariest or creepiest ever.  Although the movie did get me to jump out of my seat once.  The trailers for the film make you think it is going to be scary or creep.  It's not a horror film.  But it is a great, sometimes very intense, psychological thriller.  And in the end, the movie really makes you think.

Ben Kingsley does a great job of playing the hospital's head doctor.

But it is Leonardo DiCaprio who puts on another masterful performance.  He is in every scene.  And he is perfect in every scene.

It's the best movie out right now.  Go see it.

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