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Blog #232

Happy Birthday J.J. - 1/4/2010

My first day back to work for the new year, the first day of tax season and it's also J.J's birthday.

Everyone at the office got him a birthday cake.  I picked it up at the store and added something special for him.  I put a twinkie on the cake and added the cream filling to one end of it from a second twinkie.  Only a couple people at work know what a twink is.  Everyone else just thought it was a dick.

On his way back from lunch Charlie was hot-dogging his SUV in the parking lot and brushed against Jessica's car and hit Gail's truck.  There's a light tire mark on the front of Jessica's bumper.  Gail's truck was pushed sideways about a foot and the bumper is bent slightly, but you really have to look hard.  Looks like Charlie got the worst of it.  The plastic bumper is busted on the corner and the headlight is cracked.  Well, at least it wasn't any of the young guys acting irresponsibly.

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