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Cedar Point and Millennium Force ERT - 9/13/2009

Sarah and I were up early this morning to begin our day at Cedar Point with ERT on Millennium Force.  Starting at 9:00 those of us with season passes were able to get an hour on MF.  At 10:00 began an hour of regular ERT for passholders and resort guesses.  In total Sarah and I could have had two straight hours of ERT on Millennium Force.

We both got 8 laps in the 90 minutes.  Including one lap with Tony Clark on board our train.  And on another lap I was able to ride in the Jeff Gordon seat (front right seat on the blue train) and Sarah rode in the Dick Kinsel seat next to me.  I feel special.

Throughout the day Sarah and I also rode Maverick, Iron Dragon, two non-stop laps on Gemini, Power Tower, Sky Ride, Skyhawk, Wicked Twister and MaxAir.  We spent a lot of our time finding the answers to the scavenger hunt for the Season Passholder Appreciation Weekend.  For lunch we took advantage of the special deal on the buffet for passholders at "Midway Market".  I always avoided eating at a buffet at an amusement park... afraid I would eat too much and then hurl on a ride.  The food was pretty good and I didn't launch.

We left the park around 3:30 for the long drive home.

It was a great weekend at Cedar Point.

BTW - We also purchased our 2010 Platinum Passes today.

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