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Blog #202

Cedar Point and Top Thrill Dragster ERT - 9/12/2009

This afternoon the family gathered at Kelly and Jay's house near Pickerington for Dad's birthday.

We had great food.  Steak, shrimp, baked potatoes and of course cake and ice cream.  All of us kids went togerher and got Dad a new LCD TV for the garage.

After the party Sarah and I drove to Cedar Point for their Season Passholder Appreciation Weekend.  We started out our riding on Millennium Force.  The evening air was perfect... Cool and a slight breeze.  And a beautiful sunset.

We finished the night with an hour of ERT on Top Thrill Dragster.  Sarah watched from the grandstands while I got 7 laps on this speed demon.  On one of the laps I rode with who I later found out was "Single Rider Bob".  I was very happy to get more than 6 rides in an hour.  Seven is a new personal record for any coaster.  Yay!

Great fun at the Point!  As always.

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