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1.5 starsTransformers: Revenge of the Fallen - 6/28/2009

Tommy and I went to Movies 10 this evening to see Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen starring Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox in this action adventure sequel.

Two and a half hours of noise.  Lots of action... pointless action.  I think there was a story, but I didn't really care after a while.

The camera was right in the middle of the action and moved around so quickly.  All of the robots are made up of so many pieces and move so fast across the screen it was hard to make sense of it all.  So many of the robots were simply made up of silver parts that it made it difficult to tell the characters apart from one another as the fought.

I think the good guys won because everyone seemed happy.  But ya know... I don't really care.  In the final battle of the film there were so many robots fighting it was hard to keep track of who was fighting who and which ones were the good guys.  There was no way of telling who was winning the fight or who was getting a good hit on their opponent.  So I just waited for the battle to come down to the final two robots, the silver one and the red and blue one.  Next thing I knew, the battle was over.  The human's smiled and the credits rolled.

What a very very disappointing movie.  It's so bad.

Since when is there a dessert outside the back door of the Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC?

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