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Blog #149

My new cell phone - 2/24/2009

I have finally decided to join the twenty-first century and start texting.  So tonight after work I stopped by the AT&T store and looked for a new cell phone.

The guys at the store looked up my account and saw that I had my old phone for nearly five years.  It was a month short of five and I had been out-of-contract on my calling plan for nearly four years.

This was a big deal for me, since I rarely get a new phone.  The new cell phone is a Samsung Propel.  It is the cheapest phone in the store with a full keyboard.  It is available in black/green, black/blue, but mine is red and white (to go with my truck).  GO BUCKS!  It has a good screen, looks cool and has a fast interface.  Happy texting!

My Samsung Propel

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