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The cure for Tubinosis is Mad River Mountain - 2/15/2009

Tubinosis is caused by the lack of snow tubing.  So, this morning my friend Tommy, Sarah and I drove north to Marysville to cure ourselves of this hideous affliction.

We arrived at noon with a partly cloudy sky and perfect thirty-four degrees.  We couldn't have asked for better weather.

There was a steady crowd while we were riding with some short waits for the chutes and the lifts.

We were all fortunate enough to get plenty of rides down Mad River Mountain during our three hours of fun.  No one had any accidents of any kind.  Best of all, we all were able to catch lots of air-time.  As the day went on, we were able to get more and more air-time as the chute became faster.  Sarah's final ride of the day ended with the longest slide.  She slid the entire length of the chute.

We continued our tradition of getting a good hot meal at Bob Evans in Marysville on the drive home.

The three of us had a great afternoon of fun in the sun and snow.

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