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PicklesBURGH - 7/16/2022

Today Shawn and I went to Downtown Pittsburgh for a festival that celebrates all things pickles.  And hence, for obvious reasons, it is called PicklesBURGH.

The event was held on the Ninth Street Bridge and the 10th Street Bypass along the banks of the Allegheny River.


We walked through the festival looking at each vendor's offerings which included food, drinks, snacks and even desserts.  Beer, wine, teas and coffees.  Each of these were made from pickles or were pickle flavored.


There were pickle themed arts, crafts, shirts, hats, home decor, signs and banners.  They also had pickle scented candles, oils and soaps.


After a while Shawn and I began to focus on the food vendors to find us a bite to eat.  Most of these had long lines and since all of them were almost exclusively pickle flavored offerings, we were finding it difficult to find a food that struck our fancy.  It became apparent that to get an entrée, a side item and a drink we would have to wait in different lines at three different vendors to get what we wanted.  We reluctantly gave up our search.

We simply headed into downtown to look for a streetside restaurant or sidewalk cafe.  We discovered The Warren Bar & Burrow and ate at their sidewalk tables at the corner of Liberty Avenue and Seventh Street.  So our few hours downtown had turned out to be a good few hours taking in some sun, a good long walk and a great lunch.

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