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Blog #51

2 starsCoverfield - 1/19/2008

This afternoon Sarah and I went to see Coverfield at Movies 10.  Godzilla meets The Blair Witch Project.  If you like movies served hand-held, then you'll love this hour and 24-minute feast. Don't except to run out to your nearest music store to buy the soundtrack.

A group of partygoers struggle to survive in Manhattan during an attack by a giant monster from who-knows-where.  The big baddie kicks some serious ass for sure.  But it's the little creepy crawlers that are the real scary ones.

The cast of no-name actors does a fine job.  The visual effects are as good as I would expect for Hollywood these days, but nothing really groundbreaking at all.  The ending is very disappointing.  Can you say "sequel"?

Bonus...a cool teaser trailer for Star Trek coming this Christmas.

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