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500 days until Bush leaves office - 9/8/2007

With exactly 500 days left in the Bush administration, I thought this would be a good time to explain why I don't like our current President, George W. Bush.  Simply put, BUSH LIED.

First, a confession.  I voted for Bush in the 2000 election.  I did not vote for him again in 2004.  Why not?  Simply put, BUSH LIED.

What did Bush lie about?  I know there are lots of websites that have huge lists of Bush's lies.  But for me there are just four big Bush lies that made me loose faith in our commander-in-chief.  All four of these lies are directly related to the war in Iraq.  These lies led us to war and the deaths of our soldiers and innocent Iraqi civilians.  These deaths at the hands of Bush's lies is why I'm pissed at him.  The lies...

#1 - Iraq has a chemical weapons program.

#2 - Iraq has a biological weapons program.

#3 - Iraq has a nuclear weapons program.

#4 - Iraq is directly supporting al Qaeda.

These were the reasons for going to war with Iraq given to us by the Bush administration.  Prior to the war and even as the war unfolded I believed what Bush was telling us.  I had no reason to not believe him.  I fully supported the war in Iraq.

As time went on the U.S. had control of Iraq and no evidence was found to support any of the reasons to go to war in the first place.  Finally, an official report was issued that stated there was no evidence to support any of Bush's claims.  Simply put, BUSH LIED.

Scenario A - Someone in the military intelligence community and/or the Pentagon lied or provided false information to the White House.  Someone being an individual person, an office, a department or agency.  Once it was determined that there was no evidence to support the reasons for the war, there should have been an investigation and the responsible people fired.  If you can lie or make a mistake that results in thousands of people dying and not lose your job, there is something seriously wrong.  As far as I know there was no investigation and no one was ever fired.  Bush is ultimately responsible.

Scenario B - The Bush White House and the Pentagon worked together knowing the reasons for going to war were false.  Once it was reveled to the American public that all the reasons for going to war were lies, Bush should have made a fake investigation and found a scapegoat to "take the fall" for him.  Again, there was no investigation and no one was ever fired.  And again, Bush is ultimately responsible.

Scenario C - The Pentagon never had any evidence at any time to support Bush's claims.  Bush and his administration told the public anything they wanted in an effort to invade Iraq.  Still Bush should have found someone to blame for the lies and fire them.  Still, no investigation and no firings.  Bush is still responsible.

Regardless of which scenario is true or some other possibility, Bush is totally responsible for the war and his lies.  In all of the scenarios someone was fired for the lies.  If I lie to my boss I would be fired.  If you lie to your boss you would be fired as well. Bush works for us. We are his boss.  Bush lied to us and we had a chance to fire him.  The 2004 election.  We failed.

I have talked with a few of my Republican friends and asked if they believe Bush lied.  They agree that he lied.  One of them said that it is a matter of national security to control Iraq's oil.  He didn't seem too upset over the deaths of American soldiers as long as we control the oil.

Bush lied.  People died.  And no one seems to care.

I still support our war efforts in Afghanistan.  I believe the reasons Bush gave us for the war in Afghanistan are still true.  That Osama bin Laden, al Qaeda, the Taliban and the Afghanistan government worked together in various degrees which ultimately resulted in the coordinated terrorist attacks on the United Stated on September 11, 2001.

My support of American troops, wherever they may be serving, should never be questioned.

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