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Columbus Pride - 6/16/2018

Today I met up with Shawn and Nick in Columbus for Gay Pride.

We watched the parade along Broad Street.  The sky was clear and the sun was blazing hot.  After two hours the parade was still going strong.  We have been standing long enough and soon headed to the festival.

Columbus Pride

Columbus Pride

We checked out the vendors and food stands.  Shawn and I ran into a few friends along the way, including his friends in the Capital Pride Band and I stopped in at the Kilted Bros. tent.

Next, we were off to introduce Nick to Stanton’s Sheet Music.  It was fun to see Shawn and Nick act like kids in a candy store.

It was time to eat so we headed to the Mohawk near German Village and then we were off to Easton for some shopping.

It was another fine day in Columbus with friends and Gay Pride.

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