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Sarah's Belated 21st Birthday - 6/2/2018

While Sarah was in London for her winter semester of learning abroad, she happened to have turned 21 years old.  In the U.K. 21 isn’t a big deal, but here in the U.S. it is.  So now that she is back with us, I decided to take her to Columbus for a belated 21st birthday celebration.

Our first stop was at Stanton’s Sheet Music in downtown Columbus.  My friend Shawn showed me this place just a couple weeks ago and thought Sarah would love to browse around their impressive inventory.

Next, we drove to the west side to the Hollywood Casino.  We ate at O.H. Restaurant at the center of the casino.  After our meal I gave Sarah $100 to feed into the slot machines.  We played a few different slots around the casino, moving from one area to the next.  We spent most of your time at the Press Your Luck slots, which is based on the old TV game show.  My machine happened to breakdown and we had to wait for a service technician to repair it.  We were able to see some of the magic inside the machine.  I found it interesting that they keep the owner’s manual stashed inside the machine.  In the end the tech simply rebooted the machine.  By the way, it looked like it was running on Windows XP.  After each of us had spent about $75 Sarah said she was ready to go.  Apparently, Sarah wasn’t as excited about throwing away money as I thought she would be.  But that’s fine with me.  I was never impressed with gambling or the lottery.

Our final stop was across town at Easton at the Funny Bone comedy club.  We enjoyed the outrageous comedy of Michael Blackson, who bills himself as the African King of Comedy.

Casino and comedy club; Sarah is officially 21.

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