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2.5 starsSolo - 5/26/2018

With rain in the forecast for the campground, my camping friends Daniel, Dustin, Patrick and I decided to drive to Cinemark 14 Mansfield Town Center and see Solo.  This Star Wars movie featured Alden Ehrenreich, Donald Glover, Woody Harrelson and Emilia Clarke and was directed by Ron Howard.

Rogue One was a war movie and Solo is a heist movie.  With a lot of Star Wars fun and effect this was a good ride.  It was great seeing old (yet younger) friends Han, Chewie and Lando.  L3-37 is a great new character.

The film’s biggest flaw was not presenting a clear and fearsome bad guy.  Without the threat of the Empire I didn’t feel the tension the movie needed.  There was dialog of baddies that the characters shouldn’t mess with but it didn’t convey and sense of fear.  The movie failed the basic rule of “show, don’t tell.”  I needed to see the villain and see why they are to be feared.  And the reveal at the end was confusing to those not well versed in the expanded universe.

It’s still a good movie.  I’m sure I’ll go see it again.  And you should too.

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