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A Day in New York with Sarah - 11/24/2017

Julie, Jenny and I met with Sarah at the USS Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum on Manhattan’s west side.  We toured the aircraft carrier and saw the many exhibits, including the Space Shuttle Enterprise, Concorde and a A-12 seen in the movie I am Legend where Will Smith hit a golf ball off the wing of the plane.  We toured the bridge of the ship and met two former crew members.  We also rode one of the ship’s aircraft elevators.

Space Shuttle Enterprise



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Next, Sarah led us to Times Square where she wanted to eat a Impossible Burger at The Counter.  I ordered a grilled chicken with pineapple on a pretzel bun and sweet potato fries.

The Counter

Sarah headed off on her own to visit One World Trade Center while the rest of us took in more sites around midtown.  Next we visited Bryant Park where we browsed the craft vendors and saw the families at the skating rink.

Bryant Park

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The New York Public Library was adjacent to the park and that was our next stop.

New York Public Library

New York Public Library

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We worked our way south towards Macy’s where we planned to met back up with Sarah.  On our way we walked past the Empire State Building.

Empire State Building

We arrived at Herald Square and Macy’s.  The streets were packed with tourists and holiday shoppers.


Inside the store there were beautiful holiday decorations and masses of shoppers.  I would have never guessed that I would have even been to Macy’s at Herald Square on Black Friday.  We purchased a few gifts, including commemorative Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade tree ornaments.

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Sarah joined us again at Macy’s and we made our way to the subway and on to Queens to visit the Museum of the Moving Image.  In addition to the many exhibits detailing the history of film, television and video games, the museum has the distinction of hosting the permanent showcase, The Jim Henson Exhibition.  This exhibit detailed the history of Jim’s creative genius from the early years, through Sesame Street, The Muppet Show, The Dark Crystal, Fraggle Rock, Labyrinth and more.


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We were back on the subway to Rockefeller Center awaiting to see the Rockettes.  With our free time we stopped for real New York pizza at Radio City Pizza on West 49th Street.  I had a slice of cheese pizza.

Radio City Pizza

We also had some time to take in the site around Rockefeller Center and Julie purchased a couple pieces of artwork spray paint artist on the streets.

Your day wrapped up with the Radio City Rockettes Christmas Spectacular.The show was more impressive and breathtaking than I ever imagined.  Just prior to the show there was an overture by the hall’s two organists.  The show was full of songs, stories and of course dancing.  There were video projections on the walls and ceiling of the auditorium that expanded the show and felt like it was alive and in 3D.  One number that really stood out to me when seemingly hundreds of Santas danced on stage, some real, some on the video screen behind the stage, all in perfect sync.  More surprises came throughout the show, including drone snowflakes and real life sheep, donkey and camels.  By the finale Radio City Music Hall felt like a cathedral.  Wow, this really was a spectacular.

Christmas Spectacular

Christmas Spectacular

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Tomorrow, our final day in New York.

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