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3.0 starsBig Hero 6 - 11/29/2014

Today Sarah and I went to see Big Hero 6 at Movies 10 in Nelsonville.  This CGI animated action movie starred the voices of Scott Adsit and Ryan Potter.  This is Disneyís first film with Marvel characters since purchasing Marvel Comics for four billion dollars in 2009.

The hero, his robot and his friends team up against an evil mastermind in the city of San Fransokyo.  The beautiful city, which is a east and west mashup, itself becomes a character in the film.

The action is great and the story full of emotion, scope and a strong life lesson.  The divers characters are all enjoyable to watch.  Itís full of action, drama and fun.  The villain is great.

Sarah loved the movie more than I did.

Itís a great move.  Go see it.

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